[FFmpeg-devel] NGO Name and registration

Benjamin Larsson banan
Mon Dec 21 22:06:44 CET 2009


Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> Hi everyone
> Most of you probably already know our problem, but iam starting a new thread
> to make sure this is not missed.
> The winning option of our vote: FFmedia (Foundation for Free Multimedia)
> is not possible to be choosen because we are unable to obtain the domain
> ffmedia.org. And moving forward with ffmedia without owning the matching
> domain would put our donators at risk of donating to the
> anonymous owner of ffmedia.org if he chooses to put a real looking duplicate
> of our page up.


> More precissely the situation is that emails to the address in whois of
> ffmedia.org are apparently not forwarded to the anonymous owner. So we
> cannot ask him if he would be willing to transfer the domain to us. Our
> only contact is domainsbyproxy who ask for 70$ to forward our question
> Ronald & I are unwilling to finance such "business" methods. Also i do
> not know who the anonymous owner is, not even if he is different from
> domainsbyproxy. But it is likely even if not certain that it is a domain
> squatter who would ask for a quite ridiculous price.


> Given these we are planning to move forward with the 2nd best in the vote:
> FFMTech (Foundation for Free Multimedia Technologies)
> It is only 1 vote behind the winning option and would win condoret & IRV
> if i change my vote alone.
> People have 48 hours to veto this in which case we will do another round
> of discussions, name+domain suggestions and vote.
> Also any valid veto must contain "i veto" or "i object" clearly,
> random ambigous flaming will not be interpreted as objection.
> Also ronald might extend that 48h period depending on when he can move
> forward with the NGO registration.

I have no objections in these matters. As long as the name is somewhat
relevant I'm fine (not saying the current is, just that to me the name
doesn't really matter).

Benjamin Larsson

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