[FFmpeg-devel] Need information about stripping FFMpeg Library

sandeep virdi sandeep.virdi
Tue Dec 22 11:58:16 CET 2009

Hello All,
I have a special need in my current work and I need to use FFMpeg library
for decoding H264 stream. Due to some constraints I cannot use the any of
the protocol which FFMpeg supports. In my application, at any given time, I
have one H64 encoded frame present in memory and I need to decode this frame
by FFMpeg lib. Since there is no protocol in FFMpeg which can read one frame
at a time from memory and decode it, I had to make some change in the FFMpeg
code. Also due to some constraints I had to strip down the FFMpeg to only
provide H264 decoder.
So my question to you all is that, that, in case I finally use this lean and
modified FFMpeg library in my product, how do I submit my changes back to
the FFMpeg project? Since I removed almost 95% of the code and have bare
minimum just to decode H264 by reading one encoded frame at a time from
memory, will it be allowed to submit this big change as a new Project which
is derived from/based on original FFMpeg.
Can any one point me out in the right direction as to how to go about it?

Any information will be highly appreciated.


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