[FFmpeg-devel] Need information about stripping FFMpeg Library

sandeep virdi sandeep.virdi
Sun Dec 27 11:47:43 CET 2009

> The ffmpeg-user or libav-user mailing lists are better places to discuss
> such topics.  We want to keep ffmpeg-devel for discussions of FFmpeg
> itself, not development with the FFmpeg libraries.

Sure I will post in libav-user list for asking about how to use the library.
I was thinking that to read one frame at a time from memory for decoding,
would need a change in FFMpeg and hence I posted it here. I am new to FFMpeg
and not aware of what all it can do. After having a look at the samples I
understood that there is no way possible to hand over the encoded data from
memory and hence thought that it needs a change to support it.,


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