[FFmpeg-devel] ffmpeg isn't able to conceal a whole frame loss!

Hadi Hadizadeh hadi.hadizadeh
Thu Feb 5 08:16:02 CET 2009

Hi,I have encoded a video file using x264. To simulate the effect of the channel error,
I drop some of its NAL units. By dropping a NAL unit, actually we loss a whole frame. 
I tried to decode this bitstram using ffmpeg but it seems that ffmpeg is not able to 
handle a whole frame loss! For example, whenever it faces with a lost frame, 
it simply discard that frame:
"[h264 @0x3f130] number of reference frames exceeds max (probably corrupt input), discarding one"
But do you know any switch (option) for adding a whole frame concealment capability to ffmpeg? 
Any idea? Thanks! 
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