[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Fix MPEG-TS seek and frame positions in general

Ivan Schreter schreter
Thu Feb 12 13:29:47 CET 2009

Ivan Schreter wrote:
> Ivan Schreter wrote:
>> [...]
>> Patch #2: let mpegts format decoder return correct packet positions by 
>> keeping track of position of first TS packet of a PES packet in 
>> MpegTSPESFilter.
>> [...]
>> Patch #5: mpegts seek only searches for a PES packet with correct pid 
>> and existing DTS and relies on this being a key frame. This is not 
>> even the case in the test file. Read frames via av_read_frame until a 
>> key frame is found and return position/timestamp of this frame. This 
>> needs #1 to reset the packet reader after reading the frames, so 
>> further reads work correctly, #2 to have correct positions from mpegts 
>> and #4 to have exact position of the packet for later file seek.
> Ping Mans for review?
Ping Mans again?



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