[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] HWAccel infrastructure (take 4)

Gwenole Beauchesne gbeauchesne
Thu Feb 19 19:39:32 CET 2009

Le 19 f?vr. 09 ? 18:20, Vitor Sessak a ?crit :

>> Anyway, I will probably re-add Ivan's idea to use an extra is_hwaccel
>> bit in PixFmtInfo[] to simplify the check and filter out HW  
>> accelerated
>> formats in avcodec_default_get_format(). I am sorry but I believe
>> Michael's suggestion has precedence over yours, unless he tells me
>> otherwise now. ;-)
> Why not something like PixFmtInfo.color_type == FF_COLOR_HWACCEL?

Well, because I didn't know about this field and someone would  
probably say why not PixFmtInfo.pixel_type == FF_PIXEL_HWACCEL? This  
could also make sense considering the actual pixels are in GPU/VPU/ 
whatever memory. The other reason why I will stick to is_hwaccel:1 is  
because I already had a patch lying around, it's just a matter of re- 
applying it. ;-)

So, if someone really objects against my new bit-field proposal,  
please say specifically what to use and I will write the new patch  


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