[FFmpeg-devel] Adding a .c, and .h file to ffmpeg (Newbie)

Mike Melanson mike
Sun Feb 22 07:46:54 CET 2009

AliReza Khoshgoftar Monfared wrote:
> Dear All,
> I have been trying to add some new functions to ffmpeg.
> I wrote a .c, and a .h file (named them mylibav.c , mylibav.h)
> And for testing, just put a simple string function inside them.
> I put the files in the main ffmpeg directory,and put the statement (#include
> "../mylibavutil.c") inside fifo.c, and (#include "../mylibav.h") inside
> fifo.h.
> Then I added the line "../mylibav.h" into fifo.d
> Though these, I still have make errors with avutil-49.dll (trying to do it
> under mingw btw)
> Can you help me, what I am still missing?

A few questions:

1. What exactly are you trying to accomplish?
2. Have you ever programmed C before?

     -Mike Melanson

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