[FFmpeg-devel] VA API support in VIA Chroma 400/500 Series

Gwenole Beauchesne gbeauchesne
Sat Feb 28 09:34:36 CET 2009


VIA finally released Chrome 500 Series drivers with VA API support:
(VAMP.patch in the drivers tarball)

Surprisingly, lavc copyright notices for the following people were  
upgraded to "2008-2009": Fabrice, Michael. Does this mean any of you  
worked on this for VIA or did they consider that as "cosmetic" changes?

Besides, their VA API support seems to be perverted into DXVA so I am  
now wondering if this still works with "standard" VA API libraries.  
Would someone with such HW please contact me and tell whether this  
still works with the patches I posted earlier? Two kind of tests:
- Replacing their libva 0.28 with "standard" libva 0.29 and still try  
their patches (though only for mpeg2, h264)
- Replacing their libva 0.28 with our libva 0.29 and try with recent  
VA API patches I posted (still mpeg2, h264 only, there was an API  
change for vc1 structs between 0.28 and 0.29).


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