[FFmpeg-devel] VDPAU hardware decoding -> MLT

Stephen Warren swarren
Fri Jan 9 17:39:57 CET 2009

Jean-Michel Pour? wrote:
> Is there a way to use VDPAU to decode stream content using
> hardware acceleration?

VDPAU is capable of that; you can simply "get bits" from the
decoder output surface after decoding.

The ffmpeg patches that we created don't allow this though.

If the VDPAU patches were re-structured along the lines of the
proposed vaapi patches, then this could probably be achieved
pretty easily; ffmpeg would then be calling VDPAU functions
directly and hence be generating decoded video surfaces. I
imagine if this were done, one could have one PIXFMT for the
compressed data in VDPAU input format (one PIXFMT per encoding
format), another PIXFMT to represent a VDPAU video surface, and
create an appropriate filter to convert from the VDPAU surface
PIXFMT into YV12/whatever by performing a "get bits" operation.


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