[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] lavfi test pattern generator

Nicolas George nicolas.george
Fri Jan 9 19:23:30 CET 2009


Le tridi 13 niv?se, an CCXVII, Michael Niedermayer a ?crit?:
> Interrested to write a simple FreeType based AVSubtitle renderer?

I do not exclude the idea, once I am back on my schedule for work and
finished with ALSA and the timestamp filter.

> One old idea i had but never implemented was to build these bitmaps with
> a raytracer from some font and a pretty texture, surely would beat the
> crap out of FreeType :)
> One could even go as far as make them trasparent and store the x,y
> coordinates for each pixel from where the refracted light comes from.

We can wait for POV-Ray 4 and do it on the fly... By the time POV-Ray 4
comes out, computers should be fast enough to do it in real time.

> Glass subtitles with accurate refraction and fast and simple too at runtime

That is quite a funny idea though.


  Nicolas George
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