[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH]Remove call to vdpau_h264_set_reference_frames from add_data_chunk

Stephen Warren swarren
Sat Jan 10 01:00:14 CET 2009

Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> > > this is ugly, the call should not happen for each slice
> > > cant it be called from ff_vdpau_h264_picture_complete() ?
> >
> > There's a reason we originally captured the reference frame data
> > while parsing slice data instead of at the end of picture
> > processing.
> >
> > If I recall correctly, there was information that is placed into
> > VDPAU's reference frame array that is no longer available (or
> > rather has been updated to be relevant to the next frame) by the
> > time that ff_vdpau_h264_picture_complete is called (at least where
> > that function was called in our version of the patches). I think
> > this happened as part of executing execute_ref_pic_marking,
> ok, makes sense ...
> > so perhaps if the call to
> > ff_vdpau_h264_picture_complete were moved before the call to
> > execute_ref_pic_marking, then ff_vdpau_h264_set_reference_frames
> > could be merged into ff_vdpau_h264_picture_complete (although I
> > vaguely recall trying that, and hitting some other issue).
> do you remember which issue? if not i would suggest we try this and
> see what happens ...

I vaguely recall it being that execute_ref_pic_marking may affect
h->frame_num. However, looking at the code now, I'm not so sure.
Unfortunately, the change history of our patches doesn't include
any details of that particular change.


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