[FFmpeg-devel] NC camera patch

Víctor Paesa wzrlpy
Mon Jan 12 18:39:15 CET 2009


nicolas martin said:
> Le 09-01-10 ? 07:03, V?ctor Paesa a ?crit :
>> Hi,
>>>> + * Copyright (c) 2008  Nicolas Martin <X at Y.Z>, Edouard Auvinet
>> You may want to update year to 2009, and obfuscate your mail address.
> By obfuscate, you mean remove or just write in a different style ?

I meant to write it in a way that a human will be able to read it, but an
automatic mail address harvester cannot.
It is just a suggestion, because grepping the source show many ones that
are not obfuscated.


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