[FFmpeg-devel] a64 encoder

Bitbreaker/METALVOTZE bitbreaker
Sat Jan 17 10:29:47 CET 2009

> static const uint8_t ecm_symbols[][8]={
Oops. Missed one :-)
>> +    if(c->mc_charmaps==NULL)    c->mc_charmaps=av_malloc   (1000* c->mc_lifetime*sizeof(int));
>> +    if(c->mc_resolve_map==NULL) c->mc_resolve_map=av_malloc(1000* c->mc_lifetime*sizeof(int));
>> +    if(c->mc_block_stats==NULL) c->mc_block_stats=av_malloc(1000* c->mc_lifetime*sizeof(int));
>> +    if(c->meta_charset==NULL)   c->meta_charset=av_malloc  (32000*c->mc_lifetime*sizeof(uint8_t));
> The argument to those ifs will always evaluate to true, init_encoder() 
> is only called once per context.
If it is for usre called only once, than it is okay, i remmeber 
something about mplayer that at least calls the init of vo_ modules more 
than once in certain cases. So i'll remove the checks.

> IMO it would be cleaner if you just remove this wrapper function, move 
> the AVCodec a64***={...} declaration to where the xxx_decode_frame() 
> function is and make a64_init_encoder() a non static function (renamed 
> to something like ff_a64_shared_init()).
Meanwhile the code shrank so far, that a64enc.c is really more or less 
the init, nothing else. So i will restructure things so that each 
encoding mode gets its own a64*** declaration. The init +A64Context 
might then be in something like a64common.c/.h

Kindest regards,


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