[FFmpeg-devel] a64 encoder

Bitbreaker/METALVOTZE bitbreaker
Tue Jan 20 15:56:13 CET 2009

> Just a few comments (only at a64multi.c, since I still believe it is 
> better to do one encoder at a time)...

Reduced patch to multi now.

> It looks like this encoder really need GRAY8 input, so I think it is 
> better to let ffmpeg do the conversion.

Switched to grayscale input.

> You are ignoring half of the lines of the input. You should at least 
> average them.

Average is build now.

Also some further cosmetics were done and a few parts of the code were 
simplified (squeezed out another ~20% speedup).

By that, you find attached the 4th iteration.

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