[FFmpeg-devel] FFMPEG DLL proposal

Pierre Chatelier ktd
Wed Jan 21 19:47:54 CET 2009

>>>> A dependency to an external exe is less practical than a shared
>>>> library resolution.
>>> Why?
>> Let's consider I have a "main application" that plans to use ffmpeg
>> under the hood
> Why not just use libavformat/libavcodec/libavutil directly?
Because the task I want to perform (converting MOV to AVI without  
reencoding) is very easy on the command line, but I could not manage  
to do it directly with the API. Like I said : I am not able do do  
anything better than ffmpeg : that's why I would like to call  
ffmpeg_process() as if it was the main(), using (int argc, char*  


Pierre Chatelier

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