[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] Seeking API

François Revol revol
Thu Jan 22 18:24:59 CET 2009

> * seeking in relation to a single specific stream makes little sense, 
> rather
>   seeking should happen relative to the set of streams that is 
> presented
>   to the user (= the ones not disabled by AVStream.discard)

I agree to disagree.
For once, the BeOS API does allow seeking individual tracks, so does 
I believe the rationale is that is that it allows processing of 
separate streams separately, even if the result is to render them at 
the same time.

For example, a player might want to buffer video or audio packets, or 
pre-render them, and in the end it's the player that handles 
Specifically it might want to seek at keyframes on each tracks, and 
start playing the most in advance track, and unpause the other ones as 
presentation times match.

It might also be wanted by a video editing app might want to extract 
specific frames to display them and audio data at specific point to 
show them, without having to close/reopen the file each time or care if 
the others tracks has been seeked too.


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