[FFmpeg-devel] FOMS 2009 FFmpeg outbrief

Diego Biurrun diego
Tue Jan 27 00:05:27 CET 2009

On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 12:01:37AM +0100, Aurelien Jacobs wrote:
> Robert Swain wrote:
> > - bump a version number every time needed, even for small API/ABI changes
> >   e.g. AVMetadata changes didn't bump version
> >          http://git.ffmpeg.org/?p=ffmpeg;a=commitdiff;h=66c05cd02ee454bba603feccf69f5dcc7239021a
> This is on purpose.
> The new AVMetadata API is not finished and will change.
> I plan to bump version number when the API will be "finalized".
> Until then, people must not use this new API, and if they use
> it anyway, they shouldn't complain about API/ABI changes.
> This was clearly explained in initial commit message:
> http://git.ffmpeg.org/?p=ffmpeg;a=commitdiff;h=0cf9fbf0d9ff9c3ba714678903a995fc00e5712b

Maybe you could explain this in a Doxygen comment for the API.


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