[FFmpeg-devel] Problem logging feature request/patch on bug tracker.

Rodney Baker rodney.baker
Tue Jan 27 14:02:42 CET 2009

Hi all. I've tried 3 times to log a feature request / patch on the new bug 
tracker site but it has failed with an unspecified error every time. I hope 
you don't mind me posting it here..

I am running ffmepg from a script using:

ffmpeg -i $INFILE $OUTOPTS $OUTFILE 2> /dev/null

This suppresses all screen output because everything is written to stderr. I 
only want to suppress the banner and still have the stream data, progress, 
completion report and error messages displayed during conversion.

Can show_banner() in cmdutils.c be modified to write to stdout? Then I can use 
1> /dev/null to suppress the banner and still show the other messages (this 
would seem to be simpler than changing everything else to write to stdout and 
leaving show_banner writing to stderr).

I have zero c programming experience so I don't know whether there are 
undesirable effects or even if I've done the right thing to create a patch, 
but the following diff shows suggested changes to cmdutils.c.

<     fprintf(stderr, "%s version " FFMPEG_VERSION ", Copyright (c) %d-%d 
Fabrice Bellard, et al.\n",
>     fprintf(stdout, "%s version " FFMPEG_VERSION ", Copyright (c) %d-%d 
Fabrice Bellard, et al.\n",
<     fprintf(stderr, "  configuration: " FFMPEG_CONFIGURATION "\n");
>     fprintf(stdout, "  configuration: " FFMPEG_CONFIGURATION "\n");
<     fprintf(stderr, "  built on " __DATE__ " " __TIME__);
>     fprintf(stdout, "  built on " __DATE__ " " __TIME__);
<     fprintf(stderr, ", gcc: " __VERSION__ "\n");
>     fprintf(stdout, ", gcc: " __VERSION__ "\n");
<     fprintf(stderr, ", using a non-gcc compiler\n");
>     fprintf(stdout, ", using a non-gcc compiler\n");

What say the developers?


Rodney Baker VK5ZTV
rodney.baker at iinet.net.au

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