[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Do not assume long is same width as x86 register in swscale.

Ramiro Polla ramiro.polla
Tue Jan 27 23:13:56 CET 2009

On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 6:08 PM, Reimar D?ffinger
<Reimar.Doeffinger at stud.uni-karlsruhe.de> wrote:
> I think I sent a more extensive patch for that, I just never got around
> to test it properly (regression tests were always failing for me back
> then), you should be able to find it in the archives...

The only patch I can remember is this one:

With my patch it builds, but it doesn't pass make test anymore (not
even with --disable-optimizations). It crashes somewhere.

There are two known issues which are the old strtod() and printf() in
seek test, but I haven't check why it's crashing too well yet. I'll
see if I can get GDB to tell me what went wrong.

Ramiro Polla

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