[FFmpeg-devel] release

Luca Abeni lucabe72
Thu Jan 29 17:05:36 CET 2009

Hi all,

Benoit Fouet wrote:
>>> However, if a new codec/whatever is quite buggy, it can generate an
>>> avalanche of annoying bug reports until the next release.  If this
>>> annoyance can be avoided by committing it a week or two later, then
>>> nobody is harmed.
>> if its not commited, its more difficult for a team to work on it.
>> Besides you know i dont allow known quite buggy code to be commited normally
>> If you (the release manager?) doesnt want a codec in the release its a
>> matter of a one line change in allcodecs.c to disable.
> will you allow someone (the release manager?) to commit such a change
> for the svn version that would be used as the release version ?

Sorry for stepping in this discussion, but making a release generally
implies doing something like "svn cp trunk tags/ffmpeg-0.5" or similar.
The change for disabling the unwanted codecs (or similar) can be done
in "tags/ffmpeg-0.5" (where all the important bugfixes and/or security
related changes should be backported).


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