[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] libmodplug wrapper

Erik Van Grunderbeeck erik
Sat Jul 11 16:33:27 CEST 2009

>> If somebody were to patch FFmpeg to play DVDs (the actual ISOs, not
>> just VOBs), I think we'd encounter similar conceptual challenges.

>It is actually been developped it seems, and it's really interesting
Its done, works fine both in play and transcoding, but the changes in FFMpeg
I need are so big it seems almost better to have a separate app for it.
Changes include: substream dynamic adding (FFMPeg throws them away now),
timestamp wraps (from testing the current code does not work correctly),
subtitle changes (both palette and offsets), stream seeking (need couple new
flags), stream control codes (need a new callback), stream
re-initialization, and a few things I probably forgot. 

I will post the patch in a couple of days for the core DVD decoding, but to
be honest I am really not looking forward to the (sometimes) completely
unconstructive feedback I have seen passed in this list for the year or so I
have been lurking here (no offense meant, but that's basically the reason
why I haven't send it yet). 


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