[FFmpeg-devel] expert needed (will pay $$$) to help decompose ffmpeg.c into seperate runnable tasks

Jason Garrett-Glaser darkshikari
Fri Jul 24 22:25:55 CEST 2009

> What we are trying to do is to process a number of different input files (of
> different types) and encode them into several different
> formats/resolutions/bitrates etc at the same time (we have an 8 core machine
> in the office). In effect, we are looking for single threaded versions of
> code functions that will read the frames from a file, decode the frames and
> encode the frames in separate threads. We will take care of spawning the
> threads, data buffering/locking/sharing, synchronisation etc but we require
> the functional code to be re-entrant so that we can embed it in our
> 'threading framework' for scheduling and execution.

This seems phenomenally uninteresting and trivial; running multiple
encodes at the same time isn't multithreading, it's multiple
processes.  Even if you theoretically force them inside the same
process, you're still running multiple independent tasks.

What would be interesting is multithreading *individual* encoding and
decoding tasks.

Dark Shikari

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