[FFmpeg-devel] PATCH: av_strtod

Pavel Pavlov pavel
Tue Jun 2 20:40:55 CEST 2009

> This is the error message ICL gives:
> error: The direct symbol reference in movq is currently unsupported.
> Access symbols through the asm interface.
> "currently" suggests they'll support it sooner or later.

They have TOO MANY error messages like that, they aren't even documented
To some of the errors I was getting, entire google gives one reference
to an intel
web page that says only that current message isn't documented yet.
Moreover, I had no clue at all what was the source of the error - 
Errors were shown on different lines, because code was part of defines
and was 
inside inline asm.
So, ... I don't think that they currently have any plans to fix att asm
support on win32.
It would be good if they finally do it, plus add support for 3dnow
in inline asm.


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