[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] HAVE_AMD3DNOW

Pavel Pavlov pavel
Tue Jun 9 17:25:49 CEST 2009

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> > asm instructions, so I had to configure disable-3dnow and 
> put some #if 
> > So, you think that if disable-3dnow specified 3dnow versions should 
> > still be compiled in?
> i think that your patch is ugly and given that it came in the 
> form of a fix for a platform which has other supported 
> compilers i see little sense in it. That said iam not against 
> it in principle if you can do it alot cleaner ...

Well, did you try to use some diff viewer that could colorize my patch
so it doesn't look ugly? ;)
Little sence for you, but HUGE difference for many ppl who would like to
be able to debug ffmpeg code with MS dev tools. Not that there is need
to debug somehting in ffmpeg, but often I'd like to see what some
function does. For example, instead of asking mailing list or manually
opening .c files and reading code to find out what av_picture_fill (or
any other function) does internally, allocates buffers, or does X or Y,
I step in with ms debugger and in 15-20 seconds I know everything I need
to know. Another example: with some function I regularly get some
warnings from av_log - in a minute or two I can figure out why I get
this warning. I can't imagine how one could be as productive with
commandline tools as with ms ide.

Moreover, I still find it quite difficult to get latest up-to-date mingw
compiler for win32 with their list of install this, downalod that,
overwite this and modify that instructions. After doing all that magic I
had doubts that hello world would still compile.
To fix --disable-3dnow it would be enough no remove references to _3dnow
functions, but it's not enough for icl, since it can't compile most of
_3dnow asm code.
Initially, I put ifdef __ICL for all 3dnow code that did not compile.
Obviuosly, it would never be accepted; so for all _3dnow code I put #if
HAVE_3DNOW ... #endif which is much better. There is no other way to fix
compilation with current icl.
And the last point... most of win32 developers can't contribute much -
most of them who use ffmpeg have some version of ffmepeg dll's and don't
bother with source code which is quite useless on win32, unless they
took extra effort to setup build environment for ffmpeg (which is
overkill for most of the projects that use like 1% functionality
available in ffmpeg)

> If OTOH you want to fix --disable-3dnow, that may be welcome 
> though i obviously would prefer this to be done as clean as 
> possible. I dont know what is cleanest but simply not 
> referencing 3dnow functions and letting the compiler remove 
> them seems like an obvious try
> Also, even with iccw 3dnow should be supported not just 
> disabled your patch is not a clean fix for this ...

I have no idea what iccw is, I'm talking about icl, which is intel's
compiler for win32.

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