[FFmpeg-devel] libavfilter deinterlace filter

slippyr4 slippyr4
Fri Jun 12 17:09:31 CEST 2009

Hi All,

Firstly, my apologies if this email is innapropriate, i'm brand spanking new
to this list.

I've been using libav* for a while (in my windows program) and recently
added support for filters to it. But, i had a need for a half-frame
deinterlace filter (ie, one that throws away one field and results in a
frame with half the vertical height).

I've written a filter that does this, which works for me and is integrated
with my source tree, in the style of the other filters in libavfilter.

I'd be happy to contribute this to the project, but don't really know how to
go about it (nor do I know if my code is "good enough" - it does what i need
it to).

I realise that this filter is not exactly complex to a seasoned ffmpeg
developer, but it's in the spirit of open source to contribute back where
one can.

So if anyone can give me some advice on how i might go about contributing,
i'd appreciate it.

FYI, the filter builds and works against the head revisions of libavfilter
and also ffmpeg, as synced this morning.



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