[FFmpeg-devel] What is the relationship between wmv1, wmv2 and wmv3 and msmpeg4?

zhihang wang zhihang.wang
Sat Jun 20 17:57:03 CEST 2009

> 1- Changing indentation from 4 spaces to 2 spaces (it is a matter of taste,
> but for the main branch we settled it to 4 spaces quite some time ago and
> most devs like it this way)

2- Changing indentation/var name for a different taste

3- Rebranding: s/FFmpeg/FFavs/
> 4- Cosmetics (assignment alignment mostly)

5- Some funny copy-and-pasting of mpeg code

This is only the very initial work I do when I begin to read the ffmpeg
source code.
Now I begin to change the ffmpeg, perhaps the framework of ffmpeg to a more
readable way.
Also I can post patches to ffmpeg. But because many hackers are developing
ffmpeg and I will change some structure of the project (You can find these
changes in the latest version of ffavs although it still can't be compiled),
it is difficult to make it compatible with ffmpeg.
So I fork ffmpeg making it convient to change it.
Best Regards
zhihang wang

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