[FFmpeg-devel] MAX_STREAMS

Erik Van Grunderbeeck erik
Sun Jun 21 06:47:54 CEST 2009

Hello; Q:


Is the max stream count in avformat.h; currently set to 20; maxed at 20 for
a specific reason?


Reason I ask is that I have a DVD here (Pirates of the Caribbean/The curse
of the black pearl/special extended version) that has 39 (yes, 39) streams
in it.


A count shows 1 video stream, 6 audio streams, and 32 (?) subtitle streams.
The 32 may actually be a encoding problem for this disk, but what I did find
out is that the id's from the first 7 subtitles stream are not the ones that
are "real" subtitle streams (correlated this with the id information from
the ifo file). Stream 8 is the first "valid" sub title stream.


Could MAX_STREAMS be changed to a higher number, say 64?



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