[FFmpeg-devel] VDPAU decoding: access to frames

fixounet at free.fr fixounet
Tue Jun 23 13:47:06 CEST 2009

Quoting Jean-Michel Pour? <jmpoure at free.fr>:

> Dear friends,
> When using video editors like Kdenlive, it would be very useful to have
> access to hardware decoded frames. Is this a possible feature of FFmpeg
> and VDPAU in the future. Can it be implemented yet?
> I am asking this question publicly because everyone is waiting for such
> a feature, which would make GNU/Linux a major platform for video editing
> and cinema.
> Any information on hardware decoding development plans are appreciated.

You can do it as of today since the actual decoding in on the caller side.
Call  VDPAU getDataSurface at the end to retrieve the YV12 data

Hoping that helps

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