[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Make parser not favor packets with pts/dts (and related fixes)

Ivan Schreter schreter
Sun Mar 1 23:25:57 CET 2009


Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> patch below does make the parser treat packets equal, <put some joke mixing
> human and packet rights here>
> above being hunk 3
> rest being surrounding changes needed and or found while trying to
> get it working
> this should make it easier to feed pos in the parser as well
It is, I added pos now.

In general, it is working quite OK in linear case (decoding), but 
something makes trouble when seeking in my keyframe finding routine I 
posted earlier today. Timestamps and positions from previous backward 
seek steps keep reappearing in new seek steps, even though the parser is 
reset after each av_read_frame sequence (which also resets st->cur_pkt). 
I don't quite get it where it comes from. Well, I'll have to analyse 

I'm just wondering, if the default buffer of 4 packets is going to be 
enough now.

> i will commit this cleanly split as soon as the release happens or is
> postponed or the release branch is finally forked off or if nothing
> happens for too long ...



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