[FFmpeg-devel] SDP file generated from ffmpeg RTP muxer does not work with DSS, why?

Limin Wang lance.lmwang
Mon Mar 2 02:17:29 CET 2009


* habla man <st3amco0ker at gmail.com> [2009-02-28 01:35:29 -0800]:

> I can confirm that the test.sdp file works perfectly with ffplay or totem
> locally. However, the audio does not work. When the sdp is fetched to DSS,
> remote QT player and VLC cannot reach it @ rstp://x.x.x.x/test.sdp

I can confirm the sdp file is works in DSS(H246+MP2) with vlc. QT
player can't get working with video which may caused by SDP lack some


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