[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] rtsp.c EOF support

Luca Barbato lu_zero
Wed Mar 4 00:21:07 CET 2009

Ronald S. Bultje wrote:
> Hi,
> attached set of patches allow EOS support in the RTSP demuxer. Please
> let me know your thoughts.
> The patches do the following:rtsp-move-read_reply.patch:
> moves the RTSP message reply parsing out of rtsp_send_cmd() into its
> own function
> tcp-get_file_handle.patch:
> implements tcp_get_file_handle(), similar to the udp/rtp variants
> rtsp-tc-interleave-messages.patch:
> adapts tcp_read_packet() and udp_read_packet() to use it. For tcp,
> this now becomes the main way of reading packets. Instead of scanning
> input for $ and discarding everything else, we read messages until we
> see a $ and then parse the msg. This allows interleaved messages to be
> parsed appropriately. For udp, we simply use tcp_get_file_handle() to
> select() on that as well and parse any additional incoming messages
> over the RTSP connection
> rtp-eos-support.patch:
> parses the X-Notice/Notice field in the RTSP messages, either ANNOUNCE
> or SET_PARAMETER, which is used to announce EOS. rtsp_read_reply()
> then parses the notice value to detect EOS and we return AVERROR_EOF
> in rtsp_read_packet().
> All together, this fixes the long-standing issue of not supporting
> messages on the RTSP connection after the connection is initiated, and
> adds EOS support as well. Please let me know whether you like these
> features.
> PS Luca could you please review the ASF header parsing patch (the
> rtsp.c/h part of it) that I emailed you about?

I hope to get to read it now, btw could you please fix the mime type for 
your patches? It looks wrong again =\



Luca Barbato
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