[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] H.264 I-frames with SEI are also key frames

madshi dear
Thu Mar 5 22:27:17 CET 2009

Ivan Schreter schrieb:
> Hi,
> I just found out that my new seeking code doesn't work with AVCHD 
> files from a Canon camcorder. The reason being, no key frames are 
> detected (except first IDR slice), since this camcorder doesn't store 
> SEI recovery point. In this case, I-slices are taken as key frames.
> So I'm afraid, we need to consider I-slice as a key frame, even if 
> recovery point is not set (see attached patch).
> BTW, as we already discussed with Michael, convergence handling needs 
> to be cleaned up anyway, since H.264 does it a little differently than 
> originally thought.
> Regards,
> Ivan

Would it make sense to consider I-slices as key frames only
if no SEI recovery points are in the stream? Or in other
words: As soon as you find a recovery point, you might no
longer want to treat every I-slice as a key frame in that
particular stream.

Just a suggestion...

Regards, madshi.

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