[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] Seeking: to PTS or to DTS?

Andy Sheen sheen.andy
Fri Mar 6 23:58:46 CET 2009

Hi Ivan

Ivan Schreter wrote:
> Hi all,
> I asked it already twice in other threads, but I don't seem to get a 
> response.
> How should (current) av_seek_frame() interpret the timestamp? As PTS 
> (wherever available) or as DTS? It is important for my seeking patches.
> Also, how should the future seeking API interpret the timestamp?
> I personally feel PTS is the right one.

Unless I'm missing something - PTS is the only thing you should be 
worrying about for seeking. DTS will be out of order for frames when 
you're seeking...

i.e. if you're seeking +1 second, you're intyerested in decoding the 
frame at +1 second. This may mean you have to decode frames either side 
of it, but this has nothing to do with decodinga  frame that needs to be 
decoded at +1 second...

> Thanks & regards,
> Ivan


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