[FFmpeg-devel] release status

Robert Swain robert.swain
Sun Mar 8 14:17:28 CET 2009


On 8/3/09 11:20, aviad rozenhek wrote:
> as an avid libav* user I've been eagerly awaiting the formal ffmpeg release,
> and an "unofficial" mingw build in http://ffmpeg.arrozcru.org/builds/
> lately discussions about the release have died down, and I couldn't find
> information about proposed release date or official release revision
> Just wanted to thank everyone involved for all the hard work and for
> creating a truly remarkable library,
> and to let you know that there *are* people eagerly waiting an official
> release which would be a great boon.
> So I hope there's good news about the upcoming release soon

We have an svn branch for the release and we think it's ready to ship, 
but we decided we wanted to wait for some results from a very large 
GStreamer regressions test that tests across about 40,000 samples - some 
from the mplayerhq samples archive, some from elsewhere.

We thought it would be better to have the results of this QA before 
pushing out the release and we hope to get them today. Unless this test 
throws up anything we can't fix fairly quickly, we hope to make the 
release within the next few days. And maybe if it does throw things that 
can't be fixed quickly, we'll make a release now with notes on known 
issues and make another release in the not too distant future. We'll 
have to decide what we want to do.


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