[FFmpeg-devel] libavcodec for iPhone

Kvikant, Christian Scilla kvide
Wed Mar 11 11:36:59 CET 2009

M?ns wrote:


> Which translates into losing a lot of performance. 

> Have you tried the ffmpeg4iphone patches at all?



Static builds of ffmpeg4iphone works out of the box on jailbreaked devices.


Compiling against trunc: Outside the libavcodec/arm directory there are two
files that need modification: define sig_atomic_t in ffmpeg.c and modify the
FASTDIV macro in libavutil/internal.h.


In the arm directory nearly all assembly needs rewriting using older syntax
and rewriting so that e.g. macros are flattened out. Current ffmpeg4iphone
patch (ffmpeg4iphone-svn-2009-30-01-v0.0.4.patch) is against r16838 and not
much arm code has been changed since then I think.



As the company I?m working for is targeting official distribution we have to
have our implementation to use shared libraries. As discussed earlier
Apple?s dynamic linker is not capable of correctly relocating static data in
the text segments. For this reason we have had to rewrite
simple_idct_armv6.S. It?s not as optimized as M?ns? code but probably faster
than what gcc would generate from the c code anyway. I will post this code
here as soon as it is cleaned up a bit. Further optimizations are welcome.


Also, it is worth noting that Apple recently released sample code on how to
decode aac, amr and mp3 in hardware
 In our testes doing audio decoding in
hardware makes up for what is lost in giving a bit of slack in the idct




> Assembler aside, is there anything you feel could be 

> made simpler?



If I understand the idea behind the ifdefs in dsputil_arm.c only one set of
arm instructions are actually used. But the Makefile includes all arm
flavors whether they are used or not. IMHO this could be
simplified/optimized. (Also there is a comment in dsputil_arm.c that
?..those functions should be suppressed ASAP..?, so maybe someone else has
been thinking about this as well)


For our project we have taken the GStreamer approach and it works great.
(liboil?s assembly had to be patched as well). 





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