[FFmpeg-devel] libavcodec for iPhone

Kvikant, Christian Scilla kvide
Wed Mar 11 13:42:45 CET 2009

M?ns wrote:
> Please try replacing the lsrle line with 
> "movle %0, %2, lsr #1".  It's possible the 
> apple assembler hates the lsr pseudo-instruction.

Thx! Will try it out.

> Does it give any details at all?

I need to rebuild with the original version to check the stack trace exactly
(will do that later), but it's some function like
XXXMachODyldRebaseAddressYYY that fails while one register pointing to the
base address of libavcodec.dyld.

Best way of following up on these is to remove -read_only_relocs suppress
and try to figure out what ld64 is claiming about the object files. I kind
of gave up on fighting these windmills, but I remember that e.g. the
const_array in jrevdct_arm.S was not kosher.

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