[FFmpeg-devel] capturing live tv and streaming to multiple clients

her Garcia herlit11
Wed Mar 11 13:43:09 CET 2009

My question is regarding streaming live video over the internet/Lan. I am using "wizd"  and windows media player

to receive the feed and a couple of I-star set top boxes. They all work together fine, without any problems whatsoever.

Now that i have those devices working i am trying to feed them with a
live TV signal. In order to do this i capture the tv stream

with ffmpeg to a file and send it with wizd via http. The problem is
that every new client that connects to the server looking for

the live video streaming gets the feed from the beginning all together(They get the mpeg file from the start).

 This means that i can only send recorded TV ,but not real live feed to each new client.

Do you know any way to do this?

I was thinking about writting some code to delete the begginning of the
video/MPEG4 file that ffmpeg captures before its sent over

the internet. By doing this ,thus creating a 10/15 seconds delay in the
feed, i would make sure that the set top boxes and other clients always
receive the latest few seconds of the recording and as long as the
video keeps being recorded and streaming, they will keep receiving the

Does this sound posible to any of you? Does anyone knows a better way to do this?

Thanks a lot, sorry for the long email. Best Regards


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