[FFmpeg-devel] New seeking API

Ivan Schreter schreter
Wed Mar 11 19:36:20 CET 2009

Hi Michael,

as I see, you started writing new seeking functions. Currently, only API 
seems to be defined in SVN. Do you already have something ready in the 
sense of implementation, which you could share?

I suppose you want to create two versions of the new seeking function: 
one for streams having an index (e.g., AVI) and one for streams without 
index (e.g., MPEG-TS), similar to what is done currently in old seeking 
API. As I'm interested in getting MPEG-TS seeking to work correctly, I 
could look at the second case (if the first one is already addressed).

BTW, I take it this new API will implicitly assume 
"AVSEEK_FLAG_BACKWARD", since I cannot really imagine a reason why 
someone would like to get a key frame _after_ the given timestamp/position.



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