[FFmpeg-devel] Binary bulid facility

Naz lists
Thu Mar 12 03:37:00 CET 2009

I noticed that there was talk about distributing pre-built binaries for 
various distros as well as perhaps Win32/64.

The group that I am currently helping out with has a significant 
interest in ffmpeg development, as we are using it to build some systems 
that we intend to use for many years to come, and would like to offer 
whatever assistance we can.We don't have a whole lot in the way of 
financing, however, as a developer myself, I know that there are other 
things that may be of value.

We have several hosted servers which are currently underutilised. If the 
ffmpeg team needs a hosted server which can be used for building 
binaries and (depending on the b/w used) distributing them, we would be 
glad to offer our spare server capacity, if it's of use to the ffmpeg 

Best regards,
- Naz.

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Web:  www.mrnaz.com
Ph:   +61 400 460 662

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