[FFmpeg-devel] [Jack-Devel] [PATCH] libavdevice: JACK demuxer

Paul Davis paul
Sat Mar 7 17:13:44 CET 2009

I have no idea how any of you have kept this conversation going when one of
the main protagonists is not even subscribed to one of the two mailing
lists, and i suspect that one of the others isn't subscribed to the other.
perhaps the FFmpeg-devel list doesn't require membership.

anyway, i've finally had enough of reading Michael's stuff about buffers,
timing and so forth and felt obligated to comment.

michael - i would politely request that you stop shooting off at the mouth
about stuff that the JACK community has been dealing with for more than 9

you do not need to write your own ring buffer code - JACK's is LGPL'ed and
you are free (and probably even recommended) to copy it. furthermore, you
would be very foolish to imagine (especially based on your incredibly naive
comments about uint8_t) that you understand the subtleties of these buffers.
the JACK community (and a couple of other exclusively audio-focused
development groups) have been working with this buffer design for many, many
years, and we are absolutely confident that our buffers are (a)
SMP/multi-core safe (b) as efficient as they can be without using assembler.
you should also be aware that there are very good arguments for  the current
structure of the ringbuffer code, which explicitly does NOT use any memory
barriers. if you don't understand why it works without them, then you should
probably refrain from commenting on the design of these buffers at all.

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