[FFmpeg-devel] release feedback

Diego Biurrun diego
Mon Mar 16 02:37:38 CET 2009

On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 01:04:34AM +0000, Robert Swain wrote:
> In a 6 month period, it is pretty much guaranteed that a slew of new 
> formats have been integrated, existing formats will have received a 
> number of changes and the core of FFmpeg will have received some 
> non-trivial changes. 3-4 months gives time for change but not so much 
> time that the step between releases is very large.

I must say I do not share your optimism that we can repeat this every
3 months from now on.  We barely managed to put one release out, let's
start small and work things up from there.  In 3 months we can see if
a release seems necessary.


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