[FFmpeg-devel] ffmpeg for bluefin bug

Adam Dershowitz adershowitz
Mon Mar 16 22:58:37 CET 2009

I was trying to compile ffmpeg 0.5 on the Blackfin, with uclinux.  I  
found a bug and then a fix.
I am using --enable-swscale and when it tries to link, I get a link
libswscale.so undefined reference to '_sws_ff_bfin_yuv2rgb_get_func_ptr'
Sure enough this function is used in libswscale/yuv2rgb.c:

lines 461:

     if (c->flags & SWS_CPU_CAPS_BFIN)
         t = sws_ff_bfin_yuv2rgb_get_func_ptr(c);

But I greped through the code and I can't find that function defined
anywhere.  In fact, I only see it that single time in the code.

I asked around some and was told that:
ff_bfin_yuv2rgb_get_func_ptr  in yuv2rgb_bfin.c is the correct function.

So one of these needs to be changed so that they have the same name.   
I am not sure if this is the best place to report this bug and fix.   
If not, please let me know where might be a better place.



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