[FFmpeg-devel] Blu Ray drive donation

Robert Ramiega jedi
Tue Mar 17 11:13:33 CET 2009

On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 04:14:10PM +0000, Robert Swain wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> After the phoronix interview [1] that we indulged after the release last 
> week, it seems there is a fair amount of interest in FFmpeg supporting 
> Blu Ray decoding.
> I have received a private e-mail asking if we would be interested in a 
> donation of a Blu Ray drive. I would also request some Blu Ray media for 
> testing purposes if the donor could afford it. Aside from this private 
> e-mail, a few other people have expressed an interest in making 
> donations to enable such support.

 I'd like to mention that there is also thing called BD5/BD9 which is
basically BD on a DVD5/DVD9 media. On forum.doom9.org there is huge thread
regarding tsmuxer tool that among others can transform MKV to BD:


This tsmuxer is closed source app developed by SmartLabs and there is native
linux (and MacOS) version too (there is even opensource gui for that):


On forum.doom9.org there is one more tool that is kind of interesting for
me called MultiAVCHD:


On a side note what is current status of m2ts/ts embedded subtitles?

I've been toying with tsmuxer and subtitles but have not found way to
actually see subtitles with ffplay and/or mplayer.

Oh! And there is also tsReMux somewhere on forum.doom9.org (with C# sources)
but i cannot find the url at the moment.

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