[FFmpeg-devel] libavcodec for iPhone

Kvikant, Christian Scilla kvide
Wed Mar 18 11:12:51 CET 2009

M?ns wrote regarding FASTDIV:
> That is much slower.
> Please try replacing the lsrle line with "movle %0, %2, lsr #1".
> It's possible the apple assembler hates the lsr pseudo-instruction.

Yes, thx! This replacement works ok with the iPhone SDK.

Regarding dylib relocation:
>>> I don't see anything that would need relocations there.  
>>> Do you have some more details?
>> Well, neither did I but iPhone's dyld just chokes on it while
>> loading the dylib...
> Does it give any details at all?

I checked this out again last weekend and to my surprise I did not get any
relocation errors from simple_idct_armv6.S in r17942 (libavcodec.52.21.0)

Now when I investigated a bit further I realized that I had two libavcodecs
loaded into memory and the address rebase error actually came from the other
build (r16838/libavcodec.52.11.0), which in this specific configuration also
had simple_idct_arm.S included.

(My assumption had been that all dylibs will be removed from memory when an
application is terminated but that is apparently not the case. They stay
loaded between debugging sessions.)

So to conclude: static builds of ffmpeg4iphone works ok out of the box. To
build dynamic libraries jrevdct_arm.S and simple_idct_arm.S need to be left
out. In both cases it is the const arrays that a) apple's linker feels are
non-relocateable and b) dyld actually chokes on them when loading them into


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