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Naz lists
Wed Mar 18 13:40:52 CET 2009

Stefano Sabatini wrote:
> I wonder if the problem has more to do with the man-power scarcity
> rather than to real disinterests, and if a dedicated ML will solve it.
> I tend to reply to messages for which I can give a satisfying response
> in less than 5 minutes, ffserver questions involve usually testing,
> also sometimes a good knowledge of ffserver itself.

I fully agree that this is more likely a manpower issue than a 
disinterest issue.

> My only concern is that splitting the ffmpeg-user ML will lead to
> potentially less persons reading posts for ffserver, reducing indeed
> the number of potential replies.
> Same considerations were done when we created the libav-user ML, but
> in that case it made sense since the kind of questions related to
> libav users are generally of no interest for ff* tools users.
> But if you think that that will improve the situation for ffserver
> users, then go for it.
> Regards.

Well, looking at the ffserver questions in ffmpeg-users, the vast 
majority of responses are by Baptiste, and more than half of the total 
posts are not replied to at all. So, as long as Baptiste were to read 
the new ML it is unlikely that the situation would get materially worse 
for ffserver users.  The benefit would be that ffserver users would more 
easily be able to see *each others'* questions, and share their combined 

In short, I strongly feel that the pros of a new ML greatly outweigh the 

- Naz.

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