[FFmpeg-devel] GSoC 2009: FFmpeg is in

Luca Abeni lucabe72
Fri Mar 20 21:54:54 CET 2009

Hi Luca,

Luca Barbato wrote:
>>> We've added a combination of tasks to the SoC project page. Comments
>>> appreciated.
>> I had a look at the projects page, and I believe that (as I just wrote
>> in a previous email), the first goal for the rtsp/rtp work should be to
>> cleanup the code and improve its quality (ensuring that the design is
>> consistent with the appropriate RFCs).
>> After this first step, I believe that there are some bugs to fix (RTCP
>> RR) and features to improve (better recovery after lost packets, handling
>> of packets arriving in the wrong order, etc...)
>> Only after this it will be possible to start adding new features.
> Update the wiki =)

Ok; I'll try to write something during the weekend

>> I think a nice qualification task can be to get the H.263 depacketisation
>> patch that has been recently posted and improve it so that it can be
>> included in svn (not sure if this is too simple - an almost working patch
>> already exists - but being able to receive H.263 over RTP seems to be a
>> feature that many people want in svn).
> Is it already in the wiki?

The wiki mentions h263 and h263+ support as a goal of the SoC project. 
I'll add it as a qualification task, with a link to the email containing 
the patch.


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