[FFmpeg-devel] full swscale relicensing to LGPL

Stefan Gehrer stefan.gehrer
Fri Mar 20 22:32:27 CET 2009

Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> Hi
> A company is apparently offering 20KEUR to have all of swscale relicensed
> under LGPL.
> Iam not opposed to this, but iam not the only author who still has GPL
> code in there, so my question to all other authors is:
> do you
> agree to relicensing your code under /libswscale as of current ffmpeg HEAD
> to LGPL?
> If so what percentage, if any of the money do you want for it?
> some statistics about the x86 asm (other asm seems with the exception of
> swscale_altivec_template to be under LGPL already)
> svn blame -x --ignore-space-change -x --ignore-all-space rgb2rgb.c rgb2rgb_template.c swscale.c swscale_template.c yuv2rgb.c yuv2rgb_template.c rgb2rgb.h swscale.h swscale_internal.h  >blame3
> egrep '(\\n\\t|%%mm)' blame3 | sed 's/ *[0-9]* *\([^ ]*\) .*/\1/' | sort |uniq -c | sort -n
>       7 ivo
>      13 flameeyes
>      20 atmos4
>      34 stefang
>      37 sdrik

My login "stefang" only is on that list as I applied a patch by C?dric
Schieli before he had his own login "sdrik".
I clearly have no authorship on any of the lines.


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