[FFmpeg-devel] Binary bulid facility

aviad rozenhek aviadr1
Mon Mar 23 07:46:33 CET 2009

> I don't think server resources are a problem for us. We just need a
> decision and a system. I could distribute builds via multimedia.cx.
> --
>      -Mike Melanson

How about this system:

   1. all successful builds from FATE,  (regardless of test results) are
   temporarily hosted on an ftp server for a specified time, perhaps 1-2 weeks
   2. after a week, the most "successful" revision (with most passed tests,
   or most downloads) is moved to permanent storage in the ftp server

in this system we don't get bogged down in too many releases, because at
most one release per week is stored permanently.

the system could be complemented by automatically torrenting the temporary

Aviad Rozenhek

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