[FFmpeg-devel] A potential problem...

Art Clarke aclarke
Tue Mar 24 02:16:54 CET 2009

Hi folks,

Just a heads up (and in case anyone else is seeing the same problem);
Starting today due to some checkin to ffmpeg over the last few days, some of
our tests at Xuggle started producing video that looks odd.

Specifically it appears when converting from YUV420P to ARGB and back using
swscale (out test is 424x176), that pixels are getting offset by one on
alternating lines (making the video lines have odd edges).  It appears to be
indepent of codec/container -- it really only happens when we push things
through our video resampler.

I'm not pointing the finger at FFMPEG yet -- to do I know I need a
reproducible test case written in libav that shows the problem (which we're
working on, but isn't finished yet) so even though nothing in our code
changed I admit the problem is still more than likely on our end.

But just in case anyone else has seen this issue, I thought I'd give a heads
up (because I've found with this team that a quick heads up often makes
problems magically disappear in an hour :) ).

- Art

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