[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] G722 decoder

Baptiste Coudurier baptiste.coudurier
Tue Mar 24 23:36:00 CET 2009

Hi David,

On 3/24/2009 2:37 PM, David Conrad wrote:
> On Mar 24, 2009, at 5:22 PM, Baptiste Coudurier wrote:
>> On 3/24/2009 2:14 PM, Kenan Gillet wrote:
>>> you can relicense LGPL v2.1 to Any GPL v2 or later:
>>> 3. You may opt to apply the terms of the ordinary GNU General Public
>>> License instead of this License to a given copy of the Library. To do
>>> this, you must alter all the notices that refer to this License, so
>>> that they refer to the ordinary GNU General Public License, version
>>> 2, instead of to this License. (If a newer version than version 2 of
>>> the ordinary GNU General Public License has appeared, then you can
>>> specify that version instead if you wish.) Do not make any other
>>> change in these notices.
>> Well, I don't read that you are _forced_ to relicense as an "or later"
>> GPL v2. It seems that you can perfectly relicense as GPL v2 _only_, but
>> you can state also "or later" (if you wish).
> It's a bit more subtle: exercising this clause involves replacing the
> text of the LGPL license with a specific version of the GPL. The "or
> later" is not part of this, and the relicensed copy cannot later use a
> newer version of the GPL, as explained in footnote 2 of the
> compatibility matrix in the GPL FAQ [1].
> As that matrix shows, one of the problems with LPGL v2.1 only is that if
> in the future you want to use ffmpeg together with LGPLv3 code, your
> only option would be to relicense ffmpeg and the other code under GPLv3.

Well, I guess it misses the obvious possibility to ask people having
copyright to relicense their code under LGPLv3, like you can relicense
your GPL code under LGPL if you have copyright on it.

I like this approach btw, people contact you when they want to use your
code, seems fair and loyal.

> [1] http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-faq.html#compat-matrix-footnote-2

"When we say ?copy code,? we mean just that: you're taking a section of
code from one source, with or without modification, and inserting it
into your own program, thus forming a work based on the first section of
code. ?Use a library? means that you're not copying any source directly,
but instead interacting with it through linking, importing, or other
typical mechanisms that bind the sources together when you compile or
run the code."

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